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Advanced web hosting with page speed optimization: start from 250 euro / year

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Also, instead of having to spend unlimited hours on your website to convert and compress photos from your website as well as others needed to make this web hosting package fast, you win because all of this is done automatically without you having to worry about it. Even with eshop on a daily basis our automated tools control your website and improve its speed.

• Must have

Because just one fast server is not enough to get your website running at maximum speed, we have created Server Based extensions that speed up the site speed to the maximum. Without your intervention on a daily basis, extensions convert your website photos into webp format (Google's new photo format proposed) as they perform other compression services for maximum speed.

• Nice to have

As you will already know the faster a website is, the higher it will rank in Google. Google chooses to show on the front pages of search results the websites that are on a fast and reliable server because it sends them high traffic and if it weren't so its servers would collapse because of high load and Google would be unreliable because it would show malfunctioning website

All websites are hosted on a high speed server on Google providing maximum security and speed.

Our servers can receive unlimited traffic because they are on Google itself.

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