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We provide you the possibility to host your website to our servers totally for free. The hosting plan we offer you is suitable for simple or more complex websites with much space to project your business on the internet web without a cost.

All our websites are hosted in fast servers on Google providing to our clients the maximum security and speed for their websites.


Requirements for free web hosting

  1. Start a business or be a freelance professional in Greece starting in the tax office. This condition is why we want to reduce the abuse of services by individuals who may use this web site for illegal distribution of programs or other material such as photos, music and more.
  2. Your website should be static HTML or FLASH or dynamic based on the latest version of Joomla. This condition increases the security and speed of the website so that each other client on the same server is not burdened. In case your website is in older version we undertake to upgrade it at low cost to the latest versions and put in an automatic upgrade mechanism so you do not have to deal with this issue again and always have an upgraded website.
  3. Take over the management of your Domain name. Our company is a legal and licensed registrar of names by the National Telecommunications Commission as of 13/12/2004. In the context of our network security, your name and your website's seamless operation, your name management is essential in order to be able to perform maintenance and extension functions on our network. We also invite you to always update your name by phone so you don't have to worry about it expiring. The cost of renewing your name will be the same as your current provider. If you do not have your own domain name you can obtain it directly through our company.

Why we provide free web hosting and what is in it for us?

We believe that in a fast and well-established server the cost of hosting a website with the latest software releases is not high and we can provide it for free so that our customers get to know us better and as they and  their needs grow to receive other paid services from us.

Also we should have a web hosting by ( link at the bottom of our free website with a link to us (hosting does not seem to be free) and a banner pointing to one of the two shops with computers we have. Laptop Service Chalandri or Laptop Service Kallithea. If there is no space for the banner we can find another solution.

To see if the conditions are met you can fill out the form below to make the necessary checks and call you.

As long as we do and agree the shipment is completely free of charge.

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