Private Server or VPS

Private is always Better

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Private Server ή VPS start from 1200 / year
  • For one or more websites we give you the ability to have your own server with only your own website on it, as well as support from us for any technical adjustments or difficulties you may encounter.

  • We study and analyze your needs by proposing a system tailored to them. The servers we recommend are either on the google network or other trusted providers that we have worked with and have tested their network for years.
  1. We prepare everything for you from initial settings to your own NS.
  2. We are there for you in any need to help you with your implementation
  3. We provide training so that the control panel is properly used.
  4. We'll let you know and install for you if you want different extensions for your server security and automatic website hacking controls
  5. Also extensions for automatically checking and installing updates to known CMSs like Joomla and WordPress as well as pagespeed and SEO tools.

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