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Our business specializes in bulk messaging to mobile phones.
We have developed a direct and secure way to communicate with your audience.


Where is it used?

Bulk SMS services are used in:

  • lection campaigns
  • Advertising and promotional activities
  • Reminders and invitations to events
  • Greeting messages, holidays, vacations, etc.
  • Corporate news, reminders, announcements, news
  • Sending offers, discount coupons, products and services

Some of the features of the Bulk sms service are:

• SMS delivery report

Regardless of whether you send a message to a mobile phone or a message to many mobile phones, you will have a detailed delivery status. That is, you will know if the recipient received the message on their mobile phone and when exactly.

• Immediate SMS sending

Send one or more messages directly to mobile phones with minimal delivery time.

• List of recipients by mobile phones

You can easily create one or more lists in order to enter your customers' mobile phones that you want to send informatively.

• Scheduled SMS

Send one or more messages at a later time. You can now schedule your message to be sent on a future date as well as time during the day.

• Double phone number control

When entering phone numbers, our application allows us to enter the same mobile phone only once  so that you don't accidentally send the same message to the same cell phone more than once.

• Special black list

If a customer does not want to send him a message again, you put him in the (Black Phone List) and so he will not receive a message again by mistake.

• Mass phone input

You can easily enter your customers' mobile phones in one or more lists. Even a simple copy paste from Excel.

• Gdpr opt-out

According to the new rules that have been established throughout Europe, we have added the possibility that together with your message you can go to a supplementary small text that the recipient can automatically be deleted from your list. Basically, when a recipient is excluded from your list, you will not send him a message again by mistake. In addition to the law, this also serves you because you do not want to be advertised by paying customers who do not want to receive messages from you.


Our web2sms platform was created so that users of the application can have full control over the management of the messages they send.


Inside the web2sms platform you can log in to your account, send messages, monitor the rest of your units and keep lists of your contacts.

It will only take a few minutes to sign up for our service and try it out as we give all our new users 5 free sms which they can send directly to test the service. Register now for your free trial.

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