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If you are interested to create a new website we can provide you with a foul set of services either in form of a plan either in separate services. Design, redesign, upgrade, seo, webhosting, e-shops, payment getaways and more….


Basic Website

Starts Usually from 500-800 €

We create your website for you after study and analyze your needs based on the most popular CMS (Content Management System) Joomla.

• Deliverable

With the completion of your website we provide you with passwords that you can change your websites content as you prefer.

• Included

In the cost is included the presentation in one language. The presentation in more than one language will reform the cost depending the time that we will need for this task after communicating with you.

• Not Included

The photos and the texts are provided by you.

Website Advanced

Starts Usually from 1500-3000 €

Success is the combination of different parameters like concept, a flawless picture, correct and clear texts, professional photos, video, technical requirements compatible with different devices like smartphones and tablets and content technics that will help SEO (Search Engine Optimization), we are here to cover all these needs and create a successful website and not just a presentation. Depending on the available budget we can create for you a fully functional and successful website and in the same time to promote it in Google so your page will show in the first places of same subject’s searches.


Starts Usually from 500-1500 €

If you want to expand your business on the internet and sell products online with a shopping cart or just to make a presentation of them on the web E-shop technology is the most suitable for you. Countless possibilities for projecting your products and classification of them. Different catalogs that depends on the kind of your customers, wholesale, retail or other. Ordering ability with credit cards, deposit, PayPal and other.

Website Upgrade

Starts Usually from 150-300 €

Independently the creation date of your website or the technology that it is formatted we can take over and upgrade your website in a more modern technology that will cover the needs of the new era of website design that needs to be compatible with smartphones, tablets and other devices. All you need is to express your interest and we are going to analyze your case and provide you with a suitable solution.


Simple Start Up Website

If you feel comfortable using your computer you can create your own website by yourself

• Basic Joomla installation

The most popular Content Management System. We work with Joomla for years and we are sure that you will able to work and develop your website smoothly. Information about Joomla you will find here: https://www.joomla.org/

• Starter Installation settings and language settings

Joomla in its basic installation contains 2 different website templates that can be used in the biggest area of business websites. You just choose the template that suits you more and you customize the logo and other information that are relevant to your business subject.

• Creation of a menu in one of websites languages

You express us the basic menu you want for example: HOME, SERVICES, SAMPLES, PRODUCTS, CONTACT US and we create for you the menu and the pages that your menu items will link (empty pages for you to fill with content). If you need anything that you can’t approach we are here with a small cost to help you succeed it and provide you with our services.

A full suite of services to keep you ahead of the game.

Basic Website300-500 €
A great brand is a company’s most valuable asset. The External process brings a strategic,
comprehensive approach to strengthening brand value.
Website Advanced 1500-3000 €
Unless you have the right combination of compelling content, intuitive navigation, and stellar design, you risk losing your visitors in seconds. We create websites and videos that engage and excite
Eshop500-1500 €
Our marketing experience encompasses company and product launches, corporate image and behavioral campaigns.
Website Upgrade150-300 €
Building brand value at any point in a company’s lifecycle is our strong suit. We are specialists with inspired creative, exceptional storytelling and account service to deliver the right annual report format to a new generation of investors.
Simple Start Up Website100 €
Building a brand at any point in a company's life cycle is its strong point. If you are an expert in inspiring and creative mood, we will be happy to give you the first boost in your new startup because we believe in a new generation of investors.
Joomla support20 € / hour
Our web design team can help you with unparalleled support on any need for managing, extend and grow your joomla website
*This is only an estimated cost, it may vary under various circumstances
*All the above prices don’t include the taxes

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