Web Hosting

Based on the power of GOOGLE

All our websites are hosted in fast servers on Google providing to our clients the maximum security and speed for their websites.

Web hosting plans and prices per year

As it is known the fastest website, Google rates it higher in her searches. Our servers can receive unlimited traffic because they run on Google Cloud. 

We can run new servers based on your needs in a short time in all the countries where Google servers are available. You can see a list of countries here.


  • Host your website to our servers totally for free. Suitable for simple or more complex websites


  • Extreme high speed and maximum security. Suitable for simple and dynamic websites or e-shops


  • Page speed optimization on daily basis on Google Extreme high speed and maximum security web server
PRIVATE or VPS starts from 1200 euro/per year

If you have one or more websites we provide you with the possibility to have your own server only with your websites on, also we provide you with technical support from us in any technical adjustment or difficulty you will face. More information...

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