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We fully undertake the management of the online name of your business, your registration in the register and the monitoring of the expiration date of your subscription and we inform you by phone for its renewal.


EXTERNAL is the official name registrar
in the Greek Registry of Names with
Registry Num: 91-240

List of Domain names that we serve directly in the Greek name register

Ending .GR  (.gr,,,,,

Ending .ΕΛ

At the same time, in collaboration
with others registrars, EXTERNAL
can register and manage names in
most countries.

Generic Top-Level Domains (gTLDs)


Complete list of other endings we support

  • .eu, .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info,, .asia, .mobi, .name, .site, .tel, .travel, .xxx, .academy, .accountant, .accountants, .actor, .aero, .agency, .airforce, .app, .archi,
  • .army, .art, .associates, .attorney, .auction, .audio, .band, .bar, .bargains, .bayern, .beer, .berlin, .best, .bid, .bike, .bio, .black, .blackfriday, .blue, .boutique, .brussels, .build, .builders, .business
  • .buzz, .cab, .camera, .camp, .capital, .cards, .care, .careers, .casa, .cash, .catering, .center, .ceo, .cheap, .christmas, .church, .city, .claims, .cleaning, .click, .clinic, .clothing, .cloud, .club, .codes, .coffee, .cologne, .community, .company, .computer, .condos, .construction
  • .consulting, .contractors, .cooking, .cool, .country, .credit, .creditcard, .cricket, .cruises, .dance, .date, .dating, .deals, .degree, .delivery, .democrat, .dental, .dentist, .desi, .diamonds, .diet, .digital, .direct, .directory, .discount, .domains, .download, .education
  • .email, .energy, .engineer, .engineering, .enterprises, .equipment, .estate, .events, .exchange, .expert, .exposed, .fail, .faith, .farm, .fashion, .finance, .financial, .fish, .fishing, .fitness, .flights, .florist, .forsale, .foundation, .fund, .furniture, .futbol, .gallery, .gent, .gift
  • .gifts, .gives, .glass, .global, .graphics, .gratis, .gripe, .guide, .guitars, .guru, .hamburg, .haus, .healthcare, .help, .hiphop, .hiv, .holdings, .holiday, .horse, .host, .hosting, .house, .how, .immo, .immobilien, .industries, .ink, .institute, .insure, .international, .investments, .jetzt
  • .jobs, .juegos, .kaufen, .kim, .kitchen, .kiwi, .koeln, .land, .lawyer, .lease, .legal, .lgbt, .life, .lighting, .limited, .limo, .link, .loan, .loans, .london, .luxury, .maison, .management, .market, .marketing, .media, .menu, .mobi, .moda, .moe, .mortgage, .museum, .nagoya, .name, .navy
  • .network, .ninja, .nyc, .okinawa, .onl, .online, .paris, .partners, .parts, .party, .photo, .photography, .photos, .pics, .pictures, .pink, .pizza, .plumbing, .press, .pro, .productions, .properties, .property, .pub, .pw, .qpon, .quebec, .racing, .recipes, .red, .rehab, .reisen
  • .rentals, .repair, .report, .republican, .rest, .restaurant, .review, .reviews, .rich, .rip, .rocks, .rodeo, .ruhr, .ryukyu, .saarland, .sarl, .schule, .science, .scot, .services, .sexy, .shiksha, .shoes ,.shop, .singles , .site, .social, .software, .solar, .solutions, .soy, .space, .store, .supplies
  • .supply, .support, .surf, .surgery, .sydney, .systems, .tattoo, .tax, .taxi, .team, .technology, .tel, .tienda, .tips, .today, .tokyo, .tools, .top, .town, .toys, .trade, .training, .university, .uno, .vacations, .vegas, .ventures, .vet, .viajes, .villas, .vision, .vlaanderen, .vodka, .vote, .voting
  • .voyage, .watch, .webcam, .website, .wedding, .wien, .wiki, .win, .wine, .work, .works, .world, .wtf, .xyz, .yoga, .yokohama, .zone, .at, .no, .mk,,, .be, .bg, .ch,, .cy, .cz, .de, .es,,,,, .fr, .hu, .it, .is,, .li, .me, .nl, .pl, .ro
  • .rs, .ru, .se, .sk,,, , .lu, .cl, .ie, .ee, .hr, .fi, .si, .lv, .pt, .dk, .lt, .mt, .cn,,, .in, .io,,,,,,, .jp, .la, .ph, .tw
  •, .vn,,,,,,,,, .ai, .ag,, .bz, .ca, .co,, .mx,, .gd, .pe, .sg, .tc, .us, .vg, .ac, .gs, .sc, .cc, .fm, .nu, .tk, .tv, .ws

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